Oil and Gas Engineering Seminar Topics

Comparison of World Crude Oil Types

Effect of hole inclination on cutting transport

Numerical simultation of cutting transport in drill pipe and annulus space

Hydraulic Fracturing from a Deviated Open Wellbore

Effect of WOB and RPM on the Rate of Penetration

Sand detection in multiphase pipelines

Effect of phase behaviour on tight gas reservoirs productivity

Evaluation of high skin factor in coal bed methane reservoirs

Evaluation of damage severity and its extent around wellbore in Coal Seame Gas reservoirs

Linear and Elliptical flow data in tight gas fractured

Permeability calculations using Computational Fluid Dynamics Code

The effect of particle size on gas adsorption

Measuring Gas Shale Rocks

Evaluation of Whicher Range tight gas field

Review of simultation of naturally fractured reservoirs

Subsurface Process - Analysis based on micro-tomography imaging

Generation of high resolution mathematical meshes of rocks

Design apparatus for shale permeability measurment

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