Computer Science Seminar Topics 2013

Advanced Encryption Standard

Advanced Queue Management Techniques

Agent Mediated E-commerce

Agile Software development

AMD Processors

Android APPS

Brain Gate

Palm Vein Technology

Sniffer for detecting lost mobiles

Packet Sniffers

Brain Chips


Pill Camera

Blue Brain


Generic Visual Perception Processor GVPP

Word Sense Disambiguation

Wolfram Alpha


Tool Command Language

Text Mining

Computational Visual Attention Systems

Software Reuse

Soft Computing

Visible Light Communication

Skinput Technology

Semantic Digital Library

Seam Carving for Media Retargeting

Ambient Intelligence

Public Key Infrastructure

Plagiarism Detection Techniques

Neural Interfacing

Authentication and Key Agreement

Authoring environments for open source courseware

Automatic number plate recognition

Autonomic Computing



Location Dependent Query Processing

Fiber Channel

Compute Unified Device Architecture CUDA

Combating Link Spam

Bio-inspired Networking

Anonymous Communication

Dynamic Domain Name Service

Java Database Connectivity

Tsunami Warning System



Intelligent Speed Adaptation

GSM Based Vehicle Theft Control System

Global Wireless E-Voting

Green Cloud

Digital Jewelry

Biometric Voting System

3D password

Artificial Intelligence in Machines

Artificial Neural Networks

Aspect-oriented programming

Aspects of Database Security and Program Security

ATM networks

Attacks on Smart Cards

Augmented Reality

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