Electronics Engineering Seminar Topics 2013

Wireless Video Service in CDMA Systems

Soliton pulses in long distance communications

Emerging Communications Technologies and their impact on Military Communication Systems

Radio Frequency Identification: Evolution of Transponder Circuit Design

Image Compression System for Mobile Communication : Advancement in the Recent Years

Performance Evaluation Of Hybrid OFDM/CDMA/SFH Approach For Wireless

Radio Frequency Identification: Reader Circuit & Antenna Circuit Design

Streaming technology in 3G mobile communication systems

Study of Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain vs Frequency Domain

Equalization and interference cancellation for TDMA wireless

Study of Latest Issues Pertaining to Image Transmission in Wireless Network

Study on the use of 3D Image Processing in Medical Imaging

Image Compression, Past and Present

Space-Time Coding For Frequency-Selective Fading Channels

Ambient Intelligence: the networking challenges

Quality Assessment Technique for Compressed Video

IPTV vs Mobile TV : Design and Application

Investigation of the types of handovers in wireless communication system

Wireless Security Enhancement from the Lowest Layer

Radio broadcasting system : Design and Application

The study of propagation models in communication system

Challenges to Next-generation Internet

Environmental Observation and Forecasting Systems using Wireless Sensor Networks.

The impact of Cognitive Radio for Exploiting Under-used Spectrum

Security in WiMAX Networks

MAC Layer enhancement in 802.11n standards

MIMO in 802.11n: potential and challenges

The future of wireless network infrastructure

Visible Light Communications

Mobile and Broadcasting Convergence as a Disruptive Force

Jamming and Anti-Jamming Technologies for Law Enforcement

Improving voice quality in VoIP by using erasure correcting codes

Hardware Implementation of Logic-Based Model Checking Edge Detector

FPGA Realization of Backpropagation for Stock Market Prediction

Design of a Transceiver for UWB Communication System

Antenna Design for UWB Noise Commmunication and Radar Systems

Design for Synthetic Aperture Radar for Imaging Application

Design of RFID Tag Antenna matched to Micro Chip

Hardware Implementation of DICOM Standard Lossless Compression of Medical Images

Cooperative MIMO Communications over Wireless Networks

Mitigation of Scintillation Effects on GPS using MATLAB

Human Identification Using Ear Recognition

Face Gender Recognition in Humans

Development of Nano-size Satellite CANSAT

Development of Radio Frequency Direction Finders

Investigation of RF emission sources and location

Development of a Signal Disrupter

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