M.Tech Industrial Refrigeration & Cryogenics Seminar Topics

Cryogenics and its Space Applications

Cryogenic grinding

cryogenics heat treatment

Cryogenic Engine in Rocket Propulsion

cryogenic rocket engine

Cryogenic Cooling

Cryogenic Automotive Propulsion Zero Emission Vehicle

cryogenic application in food processing

cryogenic hardening

cryogenic air separation

cryogenic advantages,disadvantages and limitations

cryogenics and humans

cryogenics in automobiles

cryogenics walt disney

cryogenic ball valves

cryogenic food preservation

cryogenic treatment of ductile iron

metallurgical changes in steels due to cryogenic process

Industrial Refrigeration Valves & Controls

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Fundamentals of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Primary Components

Refrigerants & Oils, Types and Classifications

System and Component Measurements

Commercial and Industrial Chillers

Maintaining Oil Quality in Your AC&R System

Crankcase Heater

Suction Accumulator


Sight Glass with Moisture Indicator

Oil Separator

Service Valves


Micron Gauge

Leak Detection Equipment

Recovering Refrigerant

Charging the AC&R System

Troubleshooting AC&R System Problems

Energy Conservation & Peak Operating Efficiency

Chilled Water System Design and Operation

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