M Tech Chemical Engineering Seminars

Process Safety Management

Modern Separation Methods

Petroleum Refining

Process Modeling & Simulation

Biochemical Process Engineering

Chemical Reactor Design & Analysis

Polymer Materials and Structure-Property Relationships

Thermodynamics of Multi Phase Equilibria

Computational Systems Biology

Statistical Design of Experiments


Computer-Aided Simulation of Process Plants

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Transport Phenomena

Process Intensification

Chemical Process Control

Pinch Technology

Multicomponent Mass Transfer

Catalysis in Refining & Petrochemicals

Biomaterials Science

Interfacial Science and Engineering

Solar Energy

Biomedical Polymers

Advanced Materials Charatrization Techniques

Petro Chemicals Process Testing

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M.Tech Chemical Engineering is designed to train Chemical Engineers, keeping in view the challenges that a graduate faces in the Chemical industry, and for providing students a balanced education in various physical, chemical, and engineering subjects relevant to the field of Chemical Engineering. Emphasis is given on honing the skills of the students for research as well as industrial applications