Latest Electrical Seminar Topics 2014

Fuzzy logic 

Fuzzy logic has rapidly become one of the most successful of today's technologies for developing sophisticated control systems. Fuzzy logic addresses such applications perfectly as it resembles human decision making with an ability to generate precise solutions from certain or approximate information. It fills an important gap in engineering design methods left vacant by purely mathematical approaches (e.g. linear control design), and purely logic-based approaches (e.g. expert systems) in system design.

Gyro bus 

A Gyrobus is an electric bus that uses flywheel energy storage. It does not have overhead wires like a trolleybus. Concept  for Gyro bus is still in progress.Gyrobus will be quiet and get advantage that no rails are required. Gyro bus will be a solution for minimizing Pollution. It can operate flexibly at varying distances. Electrical Engineers pointed out that main disadvantage of Gyro bus is Flywheel acts as a gyroscope that will resist changes in orientation.


Principles and techniques for the fabrication of microelectronics devices and integrated circuits. EEE Seminar should highlight about chemical safety, photolithography, wet and dry etching, oxidation and diffusion, metallization and dielectric deposition, compressed gas systems, vacuum systems, thermal processing systems, plasma systems, and metrology

Digital Video Coding Systems

Seminar about digital video coding algorithms and systems. Theoretical and practical aspects of important topics on digital video coding algorithms, motion estimation, video coding standards, systems issues, and visual communications.

Waves in Random Media

Propagation and scattering of electromagnetic, optical, and acoustic waves in turbulence and random media, scattering from rough surfaces and randomly distributed particles. Atmospheric turbulence, fog, rain, smog, clear-air turbulence detection, remote sensing, terrain scattering, scattering from blood cells and tissues, scattering by ocean waves. Applications to atmospheric sciences, bioengineering, geoscience, ocean engineering.

Advanced Technical Writing in Electrical Engineering

Develops formal technical writing skills for engineering students. Includes organization and structure of papers and reports, clear and concise technical language, choice of appropriate terminology, and an overview of common grammatical errors. Seminar Covers implementation of figures, equations, and literature citations, with specific recommendations for electrical engineers.

Control Systems Sensors and Actuators

Seminar on control systems components and mathematical models. Amplifiers, DC servomotors, reaction mass actuators. Accelerometers, potentiometers, shaft encoders and resolvers, proximity sensors, force transducers, piezoceramic materials, gyroscopes. Experimental determination of component models and model parameters.

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