Engineering is a stone difficult to lift for some students. Reason is that you have choose a branch or profession that seems not interesting to your mind. If you are an above average student then you can pass without much back papers. If you are an average or below average students more hardworkig is essential. Concentrate more time for subjects difficult for you. Here we suggest some tips and tricks for pasing university semester exam.

How you Prepare for Examination?

Know Syllabus

You must carry syllabus for all subjects in each and every semester.

Study Easy Units

If Five units are there study only four units easy for you.


Don't forget to take xerox (if u dont have text book) of units you are going to study.

Refer Previous Questions

Get the previous year question papers of subjects you are going to write in particular semester. Chances for questions to repeat are more.


You must focus more concentration on study when exam count down begins. Group study is not so important. If you are on study leave days work hard in your on wish and way.

How to write when exam begins?

Time Management

Time management is very important while you are writing exams. Utilize more time for part B questions than part A questions becuase they carry more marks.


Affter getting question paper read all questions first. Then write answers for questions you know well first.

Unknown Questions

Put question number for all questions if you know answer or not. Try to write something in paragraph from unit you study and relate it with un known questions.

What to do affter you come out from examination hall?

Don't Bother

Now you can't change what you are written in your answer sheet. So don't go for scanning answers or evaluate your performance. Prepare for next exams with a good mind.

"Engineers study last minutes before Exam" is a fact. But keep in mind that you must work hard and your prepration should start few weeks before university exam dates declared. Engineers World wishes you all the best.

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