Latest Seminar Topics on Automobile Engineering 2013

Trench Less Technology

The Hybrid Bike Wheel
Lithium air batteries
Low-noise brake-motor assemblies
Exhaust emissions control for spark ignition engines
New Audi A8 and Its Advanced GPS System
Collision warning system
Wireless charging system for race cars
Radical engines efficiency
Hybrid combustion-electric fuel cell engines -New technologies
Active roll-over protection system in Automobiles
Double-wishbone suspension
Brake Assisting Systems
Steel Pistons
Ergonomics in automotive design
Environmentally Friendly Silicon-Air Battery
CMOS sensors recognize traffic signs
Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Vehicles
Personal flying vehicles to end road congestion
Anti roll suspension system

Air cushion vehicles (ACV)(1)
Tiptronic Gearbox
Steam Powered Robot
Lean Burn Technology
Drive-By Wire Systems
Six Stroke Engine
Race Car Engineering
Electromagnetic Cluth System
Quasi Turbine Engines
Four-Wheel Steering
Micro System Technology in assembly & Fabrication 
Advanced Road Transportation System
Ion Drive Engine
Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI) Engines
Multi Refractive headlamps
Automated highway systems

Remote controlled air craft
Artificial Intelligent based Solar Vehicle
GPS based automatic vehicle accident information system
Homogeneous charge compression ignition engine
Shock Absorber Test rig using Cam and sensors
Latest hybrid technology for buses
Testing of Automatic steering control system for automobile
Cordless security System for Cars
Smart shock absorber for automobile
Digital locking (Fuel, ignition) system (Password protected) for automobiles
Energy efficient turbo systems
Straddle bus
Producing Electricity From The Exhaust Heat
2-Strokes Engine Without Spark Plugs, More Efficient

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