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Reliable Implementation of Real Number Algorithms

It was the goal of the seminar to bring together people who are dealing with the reliable implementation of real number algorithms either from a theoretical or from a practical point of view and to stimulate an exchange of ideas between the different communities that will bring an advance for the reliable solution of numerical and geometric problems. Some particular goals of the seminar were: to point out the most urgent current practical problems in the implementation of real number algorithms, to analyze them using the tools and notions from topology, computability theory and complexity theory, and hopefully to understand them better and make progress towards a solution, to explore the practical aspects of the computability and complexity notions for various types of continuous objects, based on various topologies and the resulting types of information and of representation methods that are used in order to describe the objects in an approximating way, to analyze and compare the various software tools for reliable implementation of real number algorithms, to analyze and compare their advantages and limits, and to explore the need and the possibilities to develop further software tools specially suited for developing and implementing reliable algorithms over the real numbers,to integrate reliable functions and algorithms into computer algebra systems as well as recent modeling and simulation software.

Tools for Information Literacy

Tools and concepts for information literacy. Includes software use and maintenance, computer applications, and networked information systems

Information Systems Analysis and Design

Analysis of organizational problems and how information systems can be designed to solve those problems. Application of database and interface design principles to the implementation of information systems.

Information Resources and Services

Analysis, use, and evaluation of information and reference systems, services, and tools for both printed and electronic delivery. Provides a foundation in electronic information search techniques, question negotiation, interviewing, and instruction

Information Visualization

This seminar provides an introduction to the field of Information Visualization through readings of current literature and studying exemplars. A comprehensive review is given of the different types of information visualization techniques.

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