Seminar Topics for M.Tech. in Integrated Design and Manufacturing

Sustainability and Environmental issues in Product Design and Manufacturing

Simulation of Manufacturing Systems

Computer Aided Product Development

Materials Science and Engineering

Manufacturing Automation

Advanced Welding Technology

Optimization Techniques in Engineering

Statistical Inference and DOE

Analysis of Machining Processes

Meso and Micro-Manufacturing

Advanced Casting Technology

Theory and Practice of Metal Forming

Surface Engineering

Metrology and Sensing Systems

Design for Manufacture and Assembly

Composite Materials and Processing

Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Product Lifecycle Management

Reliability Methods

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Financial Management

Lean Manufacturing

Production and Operations Management

Embedded Systems

M.Tech. in Integrated Design and Manufacturing

The M.Tech program in Integrated Design and Manufacturing Program focuses on
the requirements of the manufacturing practices integrating the areas of Design, Manufacturing and
Analysis (CAD, CAM and CAE).The curriculum has been framed drawing course contents from
traditional fields such as materials engineering and processes, mechanical engineering, industrial
engineering and management.The syllabus for various courses has beendesigned in general to
introduce the application of analytical and quantitative methods in design and manufacturing and
expose the students to develop skills in the utilization of tools such as DFMA, FMEA, simulation,
optimization, statistical data analysis, finite element analysis. During the course of study, the students
will be exposed to solve practical problems encountered in design and manufacturing.


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