Seminar Topics for M.Tech. in Thermal and Fluids Engineering

Boundary Layer Theory


Advanced Conduction and Radiation

Advanced Compressible flow

Two-phase Flow and Heat Transfer

Viscous Fluid Flow

Fluid Structure Interaction

Aero Elasticity

Hypersonic Flow

Heat Exchanger Equipments

Gas Turbine Theory

Power Plant and Thermal Systems Engineering


Rocket Propulsion

Finite Element Methods in Thermal and Fluids Engineering

Numerical Simulation and Modelling of Turbulent Flows

Thermal Radiation Heat Transfer

Combustion Modelling and Simulation

Modern Energy Sources

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning



M.Tech. in Thermal and Fluids Engineering

As the energy and process sector in India is in a boom, the need of the hour is engineers with strong background in thermal and fluid sciences capable of carrying out conceptual design. The program is aimed at providing sufficient theoretical knowledge in the thermal and fluid sciences combined with simulation and experimental skills applied to aerospace, power plant and gas turbines research. The program aims to equip students to perform design related to linear and non linear steady state/ transient heat transfer, steady and unsteady fluid flow, flow through porous media, open channel flow, multiphase flows, fluid structure interactions viz estimation of thermal and pressure loads and coupled field analysis. The programme provides required numerical simulation techniques for design and analysis of equipments like gas turbines and accessories, steam turbines and reactor pipes, heat exchangers, compressors, turbines, pumps, propellers, rotor stator interactions, flow separators, inlet manifolds,volutes, turbo chargers etc.,.


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