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Micropump for hearing-loss treatments.

Sensory neurons controls beta cell stress and islet inflammation in autoimmune dianetes

The robotic soft finger

DBS as a Form of Neuromodulation

Pneustep Motor Makes MRI Guided Organ Biopsies Possible.

Computer-Aided Tissue Engineering of a Human Vertebral Body

An Evaluation of the DexAide RVAD,

Biomimetic tissue-engineered anterior cruciate ligment replacement

Vein imaging system using near infrared and DLP

The MRI-safe robot.

HumaPen Memoir, World's First Digital Insulin Pen With Memory

Smoking and Caffeine May Protect Against ParkinsonDisease

Nanogenerator Concerts Body's Energy into DC Output

The Propagating Action Potential On the Squid Giant Axon

PGas Levels in Incubators Their Effects on Premature Babies.

The Artificial Silicon Retina Microchip

Nanogenerator Converting Body Energy to DC

An Ultra-Low-Power programmable analog bionic ear processor

The Desensitization of Peanut Allergies

SPAM - Smart Power Assisted Module

An Inductive Tongue Computer Interface for Control of Computers and Assistive Devices

Beeler-Reuter model of ventricular myocardial action potential

An ultra low power image compressor for capsule endoscopy

Computer Model for Object Recognition by the Central Nervous System

Laser Doppler flowmetry

Nonlinear ligament viscoelasticity.

Infrared spectroscopy

Stem cells in cardiac repair

Artificial arteries.

The development of a bioartificial liver

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