M. Tech in Electrical Engineering Seminar Topics

Motor Protection

Numerical relays

Power EC based distribution transformer

User Authentication using Automated Biometrics

Industrial fire safety

Intrusion Detection With Snort

Icing of Power Transmission lines

Electronic Ballast

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI

Tsunami Early Warning System

Condenser Bushing

Eddy Current breakers

Biomass fueled power power plant

Double deck busbar arrangement

Wet Electronics- New electronics materials that operate while wet

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Power Production

Flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector

Nanotubes to improve power grid's efficiency

Monocast cable sheaves

Better batteries for Electrical Vechicles(EV)

Dual run capacitor

Power System Operation and Control

High Voltage Engineering

Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

Modified Power Flow Tracing Methodology

Energy-efficient flameproof electric motors for demanding oil and gas applications

Data transmission through distribution transformers

Wireless Power Transmission by solar Power satellite

HVDC back to back converter & transformer

Hybrid Electrical vehicles

Iridium Satellite Phone

Latest trends in nuclear power station

Less Flammable Transformer Insulating Fluids

Tidel Power plant

Traction Drives

Traction System

Magnox Nuclear Reactor

Adaptive Piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit

Review of Electricity Act

Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Optical current transducer & its fault location in substation

Input Output Completion Ports

Steper conducting generator

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