Seminar Topics for Mechanical Machine Design

Ball Piston Machines

A new power machine concept has been designed and analyzed for production, and proof of principle subscale tests have been performed, with positive results. The machine design concept is applicable as a compressor, pump, motor, or engine. Simplicity of design based on spherical ball pistons enables a low moving part count, high power to weight ratio, elimination of valve train and water cooling systems, and perfect dynamic balance. The new design concept utilizes novel kinematic design to completely eliminate inertial loads that would contribute to sliding friction. Also, low leakage is maintained without piston rings by using a small clearance on the ball piston, resulting in choked flow past the ball. These features provide the potential for an engine with higher efficiency than conventional piston engines. The engine design utilizes existing recent technology to advantage, such as silicon nitride ball pistons, so a large development effort is not required. The machine having only a small number of moving parts, the design implements a modified version of the tried and proven thermodynamic Otto cycle when used as an engine. Although the small part count is an important advantage, other advantages exist that will give future engineers new-found freedom in tailoring the combustion process. One great advantage is that the stroke magnitude and rate can be different for different strokes in the cycle (i.e., intake, compression, power, and exhaust). This provides the possibility of converting more energy to shaft power by greater expansion during the power stroke compared to the compression stroke.

Machine Elements in Mechanical Design

Mechanical Systems or Devices are designed to transmit power and accomplish specific patterns of motion. Mechanical Components includes Gears, Bearings, Shafts, Keys, Couplings, Seals, etc. Design Process - Identify Customer Requirements, Define functions of the device, State design requirements, Define evaluation criteria, Propose several alternative design concepts, Evaluate each proposed alternative, Rate each alternative against each evaluation criteria, Select the optimum design concept, Complete detailed design of the selected concept. Technical Drawing, Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE), Manufacturing Processes, Statics, Dynamics, and Strengths of Materials, Kinematics and Mechanisms, Verbal and Written Communication are the area in which techniqual skill is required

Mine Detection Using Radar Bullets 

Thermal shock on interfacial adhesion of thermally conditioned glass fiber/epoxy

Total Productive Maintenance 

Welding Robots

Mechanical Conversion of Plastics into Fuels

Computer Aided Process Planning 

Re-entry of Space Vehicle 

Robots In Radioactive Environments 

Sidewinder Missile 

Hydro Drive *Fractal Robots 

Micro-Electromechanical Systems                   

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