Fully automated chapathi making machine

Fabrication of Pelton Wheel Turbine

D & Fabrication of Pneumatic Material Handling Equipment

D & F of Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System

Fabrication of Automatic punching/printing conveyor

. D & F of Involute Gear Profile Error Detector

Fabrication of Pneumatic Multipurpose Machine

D & Fabrication of Hydro-Pneumatic Vice using Pressure Booster

Fabrication of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine

Fabrication of Oil Pump Testing Equipment

D & F of Scissor Platform Machine

Fabrication of Sheet Rolling Machine

Accident Avoiding System in Punching Machine

D & F of Automatic Drilling and Tapping machine

Fabrication of self feed Drilling Machine

Fabrication of Miniature Lathe

Automatic Vegetable (or) Lemon Cutting machine

Pneumatic Reciprocating Water Pumping System

Design and Fabrication of Cam Vice

Fabrication of Multi Nut Tightner

Fabrication of Coin Separator Machine

Fabrication of magneto-bearing system

Sensor Based Inspection Conveyor

Fabrication of Escalator

D & F of Injection Moulding Machine

Fabrication of Maize de-Husker

Fabrication of hand Operated edge Folding Machine

Industrial Boiler Flame Remote Adjustment System

D & F of Abrasive Cutting Machine

Fabrication of Coir Making Machine

Fabrication of Cylinder Block Boring Machine

Fabrication of Road Marking Machine

Fabrication of Bottling of sugarcane juice Machine

Fabrication of Grass Cutting Machine

Fabrication of lathe Coolant Pump with Fitting Arrangement

Fabrication of Tool Post Grinder

Fabrication of Motorized Screw Jack

Fabrication of Semi-Circular Cutting machine

Pneumatic Operated three Axis Modern Trailer

Fabrication of thermo-electric refrigerator

Automatic Pneumatic Paper cup folding Machine

Fabrication of air bag automation

Mirror cutting machine by using compressed air with abrasive stone mixture

Automatic bar feeding mechanism for hack saw machine

Fabrication of Pneumatic Bearing Puller

Fabrication of Marine Engine Model

Fabrication of Dosai Maker

Fabrication of Cold Chamber Die casting Machine

Fabrication of Portable Service Unit

D & F of Contour Turning Attachment for Lathe

Shocks absorber testing Machine

Energy Saving Light Arrangement

Power Saving System for Lathe

Automatic Pressure controller Cum Valve Open/Close Arrangement

Automatic Gate Open/Close System

Robot Controlled Vacuum Cleaner

Automatic Moisture and Light Controlling System

Automatic Vulcanizing Machine

Paper Counting Machine

D & F of Hydraulic Lift with Power Pack

D & F of Activated Carbon Manufacturing Plant

Fabrication of Pneumatic Bearing Press

Fabrication of Pneumatic Auto Indexing Drilling Machine

Fabrication of Brass Screw Threading And Tapping Machine

Fabrication of Sensor Operated Pneumatic Automatic PunchingMachine

Fabrication of Sheet metal Cutting Machine

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