Seminar Topics For ECE 2018

Wireless Video Service in CDMA Systems

Study of Latest Issues Pertaining to Image Transmission in Wireless Network

Equalization and interference cancellation for TDMA wireless

Study of Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain vs Frequency Domain

Streaming technology in 3G mobile communication systems

Radio Frequency Identification: Reader Circuit & Antenna Circuit Design

Performance Evaluation Of Hybrid OFDM/CDMA/SFH Approach For Wireless

Image Compression System for Mobile Communication : Advancement in the Recent Years

Radio Frequency Identification: Evolution of Transponder Circuit Design

Emerging Communications Technologies and their impact on Military Communication Systems

Soliton pulses in long distance communications

Wireless Video Service in CDMA Systems

Video Image Compression Techniques

Design of cryptographic protocols

Advances in Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence Technologies in the Classification of Power

Quality Events

EMG Signal Analysis: Detection, Processing, Classification and Applications

Adaptive modulation Performance of wideband OFDM communications

IP Telephony, VoiP

Intelligent Wearables

Wireless Video Service in CDMA Systems

Video Image Compression Techniques

Design of cryptographic protocols

Double image mixing for 3D stereoscopic vision


The impact of Cognitive Radio for Exploiting Under-used Spectrum

Environmental Observation and Forecasting Systems using Wireless Sensor Networks.

The study of propagation models in communication system

Radio broadcasting system : Design and Application

Wireless Security Enhancement from the Lowest Layer

Investigation of the types of handovers in wireless communication system

IPTV vs Mobile TV : Design and Application

Quality Assessment Technique for Compressed Video

Ambient Intelligence: the networking challenges

Space-Time Coding For Frequency-Selective Fading Channels

Image Compression, Past, Present, and Future

Study on the use of 3D Image Processing in Medical Imaging

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