Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering

In situ Nanoscale Testing to Validate and Elucidate Mechanism for Predictive Modeling

Applications of Electron Microscopy to Materials for Energy

From carbon nanotubes to crowd noise: An overview of interesting topics in acoustics

Advances in Decoupling

Human-Centered Monitoring: From Enabling Technology, Human Factor to Computational Diagnosis

Space Tethers, Small Satellites, and System Engineering

Automotive Powertrain Control: Opportunities and Challenges

Local Aggregation Characteristics and Visualization of Intermediate Layers during Evaporation of Nanofluid Droplets

Cavitation-Induced Damage in Brain Tissue and Surrogates: Relevance to TBI

Driveline Input Shaping via Clutch Torque to Mitigate Shuffle After Lash Crossing

Positive Aspects of Negative WorkAmer

Transonic Engine – New Injection System, No Ignition System

Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines

Two Stroke Engine Using Reed Valves 

Pulsed Laser Micro Polishing

Variable Valve Timing In I.C. Engines 

Sensotronic Brake Control 

Predictive Maintenance using Thermal Imaging 

Methanol Fueled Marine Diesel Engine 

Quality function deployment 

Thermal shock on interfacial adhesion of thermally conditioned glass fiber/epoxy

Prototype Verification System PVS: Cutting Edges Human-Machine Interactive Verification, Modeling and Analysis Software

Correlative microscopy for in situ characterization of catalyst nanoparticles under reactive environments

Computational and Experimental Biomechanics of Total Hip Wear Increase Due to Femoral Head Damage

Mechanical Conversion of Plastics into Fuels


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