Electronics and Communication Engineering Viva Questions

(Electronics Engineering,Electronics & Communication Engineering,Communication Engineering)

1: How can you convert an SR Flip-flop to a JK Flip-flop?

2: What is ZigBee and its specifications ?

3: Which semiconductor device is used as a voltage regulator and why?

4: What do you mean by an ideal voltage source?

5: What do you mean by 3 dB cutoff frequency? Why is it 3 dB, not 1 dB?

6: On what principle do Transformers work ?

7: What is impulse response?

8: What is Race-around problem? How can you rectify it?

9: Which range of signals are used for terrestrial transmission?

10: Explain the advantages and disadvantages of FIR filters compared to IIR counterparts.

11: What you study in Digital Signal Processing?

12: What are the flags in 8086?

13: Give an example of one address microprocessor?

14: What does Quality factor mean?

15: Tell me about Seminar you presented?

16: what is Barkhausen Criterion?

17: Which subject in ECE attract you most?

18: what do you understand by microwaves? why these are called micro?

19: What is CMRR?

20:Now you are going to become Electronics & Communication Engineering Graduate; How you explain about ECE to a 12th standard student?

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