VLSI Seminar Topics

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Data rendition flip-flops for power down applications

On chip ESD protection sgategics for RF circuits in CMOS technologies

Trend and challenge on SOC design

An anti harmonic programmable DLL-based Frequency multiplier for dynamic frequency scaling

Intrusion aware SOC design which uncertainty classifications

Bio chip future basis for DNA computers

Master-Slave TNR inspired technique for fault tolerance at SRAM based FPGA

Low cost MIMO testing for RF integrated circuits

Design and comparison of Low power and high speed 4-bit ALU

Simulation of power grid networks considering wires and lognormal leakage current variations

temperature control frame work using wireless sensor networks and acoustical analysis for total special awareness

Memory less pipeline dynamic circuit design technique

Compressive acquisition CMOS image sensor from the algorithm to hardware implementation

Decoding in analog VLSI

The improved data encryption standard(DES) algorithm

A new VLSI architecture of parallel multiplier – accumulator based on radix to modified booth algorithm

Highly Parallel FPGA emulation for LPDC error floor characterization in perpendicular magnetic recording channel

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