Technical Seminar Topics For M Tech Vlsi Design

(Electronics Engineering,Electronics & Communication Engineering,Communication Engineering)

Low power tunable analog circuit blocks based on

Statistical design optimization of F in FET SRAM using back gate voltage

Integration and implementation of secured IP based Surveillance networks

Vector bank based multimedia CODECSOC design

MOORE's LAW PAST 32nm:future challenges in DEVICE SCALING

Communications via SOC Cluttering in large scaled sensor networks

Pattern based interactive method for extreme large power/grand analysis

Double sampling architecture for performing fine time interpolation with in a limited logic FPGA

Master-Slave TMR Inspired Technique for Fault Tolerance of SRAM-based FPGA

Communications via systems on chips clustering in large scaled sensored networks

Design and comparison of low power and high speed 4bit ALU

Two new low power high performance full address with minimum gates

SOC synthesis with automatic hard ware software interface generation

On chip multi channel waveform monitoring for diagnostics of mixed signal VLSI subjects

Leakage temperature dependency modeling in system level analysis

FPGA interpolation for humidity and temperature remote sensing systems

VHDL modeling of Wi-Fi MAC layer to transmitter

VLSI on chip power/grand network optimization considering decap leakage currents

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