Electrical Engineering Mini Projects

(Electrical & Electronics Engineering,Electrical & Power Engineering,Control Engineering)

Device Switching through Card System.
Automatic Packing Machine
Pigment Adding System using Image Processing
Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles
Accident Alertness in Vehicles
Automatic weighing Bridge
Signal Plotter Based on Graphic Led
Boiler Controller
Quality Control System
Maximum Demand Control
Remote RPM Data Logger
RF Based Billing System.
RF Card Based Security Accessing.
Remote Dish Positioning System
Power room monitor with data logger
RS 485 Repeater
RH Controller
Motor Speed control using IR Sensor
Automatic Voice Dialer
Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring
IR Car Detector for Changing Lanes
Motor position Control
Hack Saw Controller

IR Data Analyzer
Sound Level Meter
Prepaid Card for Call Taxi
Automatic Pumping System for Vehicles
I.V. Drip Through Motor Controller
Programmable Serial Hub
Production counter
8 – Channel Water Level Controller
Remote Appliance Control through SMS
On line weighing balance
Smart Beds
Attendance recorder
I2C EPROM Programmers
Complete Boiler Guard
Ultrasonic Level Monitor
SMS Through landline
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
Coil – winding machine
Distributed Input for Microcontroller
Embedded lift controller
Home Automation through SMS
Car security system
IR Light Dimmer
IVRS Based Data
Automatic dyeing machine
Color Detection using Image Processing
RF Signal Generator
Digital Panel System
RC5 Decoder
Code lock for electrical devices
Building automation system.
Telephone Account Recorder
Monitoring System for UPS.
Credit Card Reader
Image Transfer Through SMS
Paint Spraying Robot
Digital Storage Tachometer
Digital IC Tester
Ultrasonic Vibration Detector
Remote control for Home Appliance
ECG Data Acquisition through IR
Oscilloscope using Graphics LCD
Temperature Data Logger
RS 485 Extender

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