M.Tech specializations in Engineering

M.Tech specializations in all branches of Engineering with latest courses available for post graduate students


M.Tech specializations in Electrical & Electronics Engineering 
EEE is concerned with the production of electrical and electronic equipments and transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power. Click Here for M.Tech specializations
M.Tech specializations  Electronics & Communication Engineering
ECE covers areas like solid state devices, network theory, communication engineering, linear integrated circuits, digital electronics, optical communication etc .Click Here for M.Tech specializations in Electronics Engineering. 
M.Tech specializations in Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering seminars are having great demand since it one of the most popular branch of engineering that involves research, design,production and testing of tools ,engines, machines and other mechanical devices. Click Here for M.Tech specializations for Mechanical Engineering Students.
M.Tech specializations in Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering deals with the planning, design, construction and maintenance of buildings, roads, dams, bridges, airports etc. Water supply, sewage systems, flood control etc. are other vital areas. Click Here for M.Tech specializations in Civil Engineering.
M.Tech specializations in Computer Science Engineering
CSE is concerned with the study of computer hardware, software and communication, design and development of computers and computer based systems. Click Here for M.Tech specializations in Computer Engineering.

M.Tech specializations in Aerospace Engineering


Dynamics & Control

Aerospace Propulsion

Aerospace Structures

Systems Design and Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Metallurgy

Materials Science & Engineering

Process Metallurgy

Steel Technology

Industrial Metallurgy

Iron and Steel Technology

Process Metallurgy

Welding Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Applied Mechanics

Structural Engineering

Structural Dynamics & Earthquake Engineering

Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering

Marine Structures

Water Resources Engineering & Management

Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems

M.Tech specializations in Architecture & Planning

Urban Development

M.Arch. in Sustainable Architecture

Urban & Regional Planning

M.Tech specializations in Mathematics


Computation & System Bioinformatics

Operations Research

Systems Analysis and Computer Applications

M.Tech specializations in Physics

Advanced Material Science & Technology



Non Destructive Testing

Solid State Technology

M.Tech specializations in Chemistry

Corrosion Science & Technology

Surface Science & Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Instrumentation

Control and Instrumentation Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Production Engineering

Manufacturing Technology

Industrial & Management Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Textile Engineering

Textile Technology and Management

M.Tech specializations in Biotechnology & Medical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Ceramic Engineering

Industrial Ceramics

M.Tech specializations in Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

Excavation Engineering

M.Tech specializations in Ocean Engineering

Ocean Engineering

Ocean Technology

Seminar Topics for M.TECH - Master of Technology , ME - Master of Engineering
Seminar Topics for Post Graduate Engineering Students doing Masters (M.tech / M.E) in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Computer, Biomedical, Chemical Engineering, M.Tech-Environmental Engineering, M.Tech-Structural Engineering & Construction Management, M.Tech-Hydraulics Engineering, Transportation Engineering, M.Tech-Geoinformatics, M.Tech - Electrical Machines ,  M.Tech - Power Systems, M.Tech - Control Systems, M.Tech - Guidance and Navigational Control, M.Tech  Industrial Instrumentation and Control, M.Tech -Signal Processing, M.Tech -Microwave and TV Engineering, M.Tech -Applied Electronics and Instrumentation, M.Tech -Communication Systems , M.Tech- Communication Engineering, M.Tech -Thermal Engineering ,M.Tech -Propulsion Engineering, M.Tech -Machine Desgin,M.Tech -Industrial Engineering ,M.Tech-Industrial Refrigeration & Cryogenics, M.Tech -Computer Integrated Manufacturing, M.Tech -Material Science & Engineering Seminar, M.Tech -Metallurgical Engineering ,M.Tech -Mining, M.Tech -Geomatics, M.Tech -Geotechnical Seminar Topics with Abstracts 2014.

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