Seminar Topics for Nuclear Engineering

(Nuclear Engineering, Reactor Design, Nuclear Technology, Nuclear Fuel Technology ,Nuclear engineering & Radiochemistry)

Advanced Reactor Design

Nuclear and Radiochemistry

Introduction to Statistical Thermodynamics

Nuclear Materials

Heat Transfer

Radiological Safety

Design Principles of Reactor Systems

Nuclear Waste Control

Reliability Concepts in Design

Radiation Measurement Lab

Dynamic Modeling of Energy Systems

Reactor Design

Advanced Thermal Hydraulic Analysis

Reactor Instrumentation and Control

Nuclear Kinitics and Dynamics

Nuclear Reactor Statics and Fuel Management

Optimal Design of Mechanical and Structural Systems

Neutron Transport Theory

Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Plants

Monte Carlo Methods

Professional Topics in Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear Propulsion

Nuclear propulsion includes a wide variety of propulsion methods that fulfill the promise of the Atomic Age by using some form of nuclear reaction as their primary power source. The idea of using nuclear material for propulsion dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. In 1903 it was hypothesised that radioactive material, radium, might be a suitable fuel for engines to propel cars, boats, and planes