River Engineering Seminar Topics

Blunders and Bias in Flood

Drought Frequency Analysis

Regression models with error for predicting estuary salinity distributions under alternate river flow management plans

River Engineers roll in Advancement of the Hydrologic Science

Using Spatial Epidemiology and GIS to Inform Public Health Policy

Two Approaches to achieve visible light upconversion for environmental application

Urban Hydrogeology of the Asian Rivers

Model of the Evolution of a Waterborne Epidemic Down a River System

Decision support under deep uncertainty for long term water resources planning

Future hydrologic change

How hydrologic change affect our planning process

Integrating geology with hydrology to improve predictions of future streamflow

Field Studies in Groundwater Contamination

Integrated Water Resources Planning

Climate Adaptation Planning

Design and Testing of a Process Based Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment

Predicting the Concentrations of Agrichemicals in Groundwater

River Side Constructions

Artificial River

Interlinking of Indian Rivers -Challenges and Prospects

New Techniques Of Waste Water Management

Hydraulic Structure And Water Power Engg.

Effect of Oil Spill on Marine Environment

Environmental Impact Assessment

Pollution Control in Rivers

Transportation through Rivers

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