Advanced cloning vectors and techniques

Significance of biogas technology in Indian economy

Biochemical and thermochemical methods of biomass conversion

Membrane preparation factors affecting the separation and the applications of membrane processes

Instrumentation and process control strategies adopted in

Modelling in bioprocessing applications

Microbial Plant and Animal Genetic Engineering

Evolving Trends in Bioprocess Engineering

Trends in Integrated Bioprocessing

Developing Trait Technologies for Agricultural Processing and other Downstream Applications

Bioprocess Engineering Principles

Advanced Bioprocess Engineering Technniques

Bioprocessing considerations of animal and plant cell cultures

Recovery and purification of products in downstream processing

Overview of biology for bioprocess engineering

Future Scope in Bioprocessing Technology

Media for industrial fermentations

Marine biology's role in biotechnological applications

Bioconversion using immobilized enzyme/whole cell preparation

Risk-based Process Plant Maintenance Management

Bulk production of tailored organisms

Mass transfer in immobilized cell/enzyme reactor

Microbial growth and product formation kinetics

Signaling pathways in Stem Cell differentiation

CGMPguidelines, validation, safety in bioprocess plant

Media optimization by Plackett and Burman method

Batch, Fed batch and continuous bioreactors

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