Semiconductor-cell interfaces

Phenotype hypothesis and hearing problems

Nano-scale red blood cell substitutes

Biological microcavity laser

Tissue engineering of muscle

Frequency modulation for skin permeability.

Magnetic navigated catherterization

Implant technology for cybernetic systems

Hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy

Advanced CT scanners for better imaging of the heart


Microelectrodes in neuro-transplants.Artificial blood: polymerized human hemoglobin

Concentric ring electrodes and epilepsy .

3D Obstetric Ultrsound Imaging

In-the-ear device to control stuttering

Cancerous nuclei detection on lung images.

Telehomecare as a homecare option

Confocal microwave imaging for breast cancer detection

Noncontact catheter ablation therapy

Cochlear implants and electromagnetic interference.

Mechanical leeches in the medical environment

Brain computer interfaces (BCI) and neuroprosthetics

Glucose detection by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Sensitive synthetic skin for prosthetic arms.

Analysis of Solardey TiO2 semiconductor toothbrush performance

Continuous glucose monitoring

An earthworm-like robotic endoscope for the human intestine

Artificial nerve conduits made with photo-cross-linked hyaluronic acid

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