Seminar Topics For Biotechnology

Biotechnology seminar topics 2021 with abstract and ppt for biotech areas like plant biotechnology, immuno technology, environmental biotechnology, downstream processing, bioreactors and genetics, biochemical and biophysical techniques, molecular biology, virology, bioprocess engineering.

Artificial Skin

Concentrated Fed-Batch Technology

Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections

3D Biocontainers

Invasive biomedical research on chimpanzees

Signaling pathways in Stem Cell differentiation

Stochastic Models of Gene Networks

Mycoplasma Contamination And Other Serious Cell Culture Problems

TNF-alpha signaling

Cell cycle modeling using discrete event systems

Systems biology of leukocyte spreading

Reaction-diffusion-advection models for cell migration

Fluctuations in enzymatic cascades

Bridging Polymer Science to Biotechnology Applications

Prospects and Challenges in Biotechnology

Scalable Laboratory Technologies


Gene silencing and DNA methylation processes

Post-transcriptional gene silencing in plants

RNA-mediated gene silencing in non-pathogenic and pathogenic fungi

Production of biodiesel from waste

Biotransformation of Drugs.

Mycotechnology – Role of Fungi in Biotechnology

Isolation of DNA from Sheep liver

Normal stem cells and cancer stem cells: similar and different

Therapeutic cloning

Rotational Rheometer

Small Molecule API Manufacturing

Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Gene silencing in human embryonic stem cells by RNA interference

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