Petroleum Engineering Seminar Topics

Integrated Reservoir Management

Macroeconomics of petroleum industry

Advanced techniques of evaluating properties and content of rock formations - shaly sands analysis, gamma ray spectrometry, and well mechanical logging

Natural Gas & Drilling Engineering

Hand Gesture Recognition System Based on Local Linear Embedding

Chemical processes: micellar solution flooding, polymer flooding, caustic flooding. Miscible hydrocarbon displacement: LPG miscible slug process, high pressure lean gas miscible process, carbon dioxide miscible process. Some case historie

Matrix and fracturing acidizing.

Derrick floor equipment and rig instrumentation

Risk assessment for carbon geo sequestration projects

The effect of particle size on gas adsorption

Measuring Gas Shale Rocks

Design apparatus for shale permeability measurment

Petroleum Geology

Computer Applications in Petroleum Engineering

Advanced Reservoir Engineering

Hydrocarbon exploration

Kola Superdeep Borehole

Seismic inversion

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