Biochemical Engineering-Seminar Presentations

(Biochemical Engineering/Indusrial Biochemical Engineering)

Moss bioreactor

Seminars relating to cultivation of Mosses is a good topic for Biochemical Engineers.The moss bioreactor is used to cultivate moss in a suspension culture in agitated, and aerated liquid medium. The culture is kept under lighting with temperature and pH value held constant. The culture medium – often a minimal medium – contains all nutrients and minerals needed for growth of the moss.


Bioreactor landfill



This course is designed to build on the chemical and biological engineering principles providing insight into the biochemical processes and the biotechnology industry.Complex biosystems and bioprocesses and develop an approach to engineering analysis of them. Prior knowledge of calculus and chemical engineering is essential


Seminar relating to Industrial Biochemical Engineering,Chemical Engineering,Industrial Biotechnology Engineering are also helpful for students