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Transonic Engine – New Injection System, No Ignition System

Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines

Two Stroke Engine Using Reed Valves 

Pulsed Laser Micro Polishing

Variable Valve Timing In I.C. Engines 

Sensotronic Brake Control 

Transit Mixer & Concrete Pump 

Turbofan Engine 

Solar Sails 

Ultrasonic Metal Welding

Xenon ion engine 

Thermal Barrier Coatings 

Ultrasonic Techniques for hidden corrosion detection 

Predictive Maintenance using Thermal Imaging 

Methanol Fueled Marine Diesel Engine 

Quality function deployment (trending)

Quasi turbine 

Mine Detection Using Radar Bullets 

Vacuum Braking System 

Space Elevator 


Thermal shock on interfacial adhesion of thermally conditioned glass fiber/epoxy

Total Productive Maintenance 

Welding Robots

Air powered cars 

Biomechatronic Hand 

Mechanical Conversion of Plastics into Fuels

Computer Aided Process Planning 

Re-entry of Space Vehicle 

Robots In Radioactive Environments 

Sidewinder Missile 

Hydro Drive *Fractal Robots

Smart Bombs 

Military Radars

Stealth Fighter

Handfree Driving 



Micro-Electromechanical Systems                   

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