Electronics and Communication Engineering Interview Questions

(Electronics Engineering,Electronics & Communication Engineering,Communication Engineering)

1: What is difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller ?

2: Why is Zener Diode always used in Reverse Bias condition ?

3: Difference between FM and AM, which is preferred & its advantages.

4: Questions on different coding techniques ?

5: Questions on signal processing techniques ?

6: What is RS in RS-232 ?

7: What is Lenz law ?

8: What is Transmission Frequency of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX ?

9: What is difference between Piconet and Scatternet ?

10: What is Moore's Law ?

11: How many satellites comprise the GPS and expand it ?

12: What is ZigBee and its specifications ?

13: What is FPGA ?

14: What is MIMO ?

15: What is VOIP ?

16: On what principle do Transformers work ?

17: What is EDFA ?

18: What are different types of antennas ?

19: What is Yagi-Uda antenna ?

20: What is latest satellite from ISRO ?

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