Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Seminars

Designing power systems for satellites

Developing communications systems

Designing reusable space vehicles

Fundamentals of Computational Fluid Dynamics

Advanced Finite Element Methods

Structural Optimization

Fracture, Bone, Continuum Mechanics

Bio-Fluid Mechanics and Bio-Heat Transfer

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Turbulent Fluid Flow

Clean Combustion Technology

Gas Turbines and Jet Engines


Molecular Theory of Fluid Flows


Advanced Structural Composites

Guidance and Control of Aerospace Vehicles

Laser Principles and Applications

Experimental Stress Analysis in Aerospace

Applied Elasticity and Advanced Mechanics of Solids

Biomechanics of Soft Tissue

Intermediate Fluid Dynamics

Laser-Based Diagnostics

Mechanics of the Human Locomotor System

Orthopedic Biomechanics

Advanced Refrigeration

Microscale Heat Transfer

Multiphase Convection Heat Transfer

Robust Control Synthesis

Solar Energy Utilization                   

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