Miniprojects - Electrical and Electronics Engineering Projects

(Electrical & Electronics Engineering,Electrical & Power Engineering,Control Engineering)

Stepper Motor controlled By Remote Control
Motor Monitoring System (V,I,F, Temp, Pf)
Pressure Transmitter
Accident identification system
Automatic car parking controller using RF ID
GPS Interface In GSM Networks
Generator Synchronization.
IR Remote Control
Process Controlling through SMS
Telephone interface security system
Time Annunciation
Inbuilt protector for motors
Capacitance Meter
Home Automation System
FRC Meter
Fuzzy Logic Based Flow Control
Automatic Wheel Alignment Robot
RF Based Data Retrieving System
Vehicle Speed Storage System
Servo Motor Speed Control using IR Remote
Video signal transmitter
Telephone Operated Remote Robot
Telephone Switching

Fire Monitor using Microcontroller
Irrigation control system
Heat exchange controller
Digital Taxi Meter
Level Sensor With 4-20ma O/P
Remote Security System
Battery Level Monitor
I2C Based Weather Station Recorder
Wireless Door Control System
Computer controlled vehicle
Satellite Tracking System
Luminosity Meter
Reactive Power Compensation
Temperature controlled System
Glass Breakage Detector
EMG monitor
Wireless Keypad
Electronic Circuit Breaker
Remote Sales Terminal Networking
Automatic room control system
Object Detection using Ultrasonic Waves
Engine Monitoring through Mobile Phones
Weight Balance Cum Controller
Position control System

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