Polymer Engineering and Chemical Seminar Topics

Differential equation solvers in open source

Rice Refinery

Genome scale metabolic reconstruction

Statistical design of experiments for fermentatin optimization

Diffusion in and thermodynamics of multicomponent polymer solvent systems

Modeling of drying of foods

Quantification and Analysis of metabolism

Reaction-diffusion-advection models for cell migration

Systems biology of leukocyte spreading

Molecular simulation study of VLE of caprolactam-water-Nylon 6

Statistical Process Control Based Approaches for Chemical Process Monitoring

Systems biology of leukocyte spreading

Thermal fluctuations of vesicles

Spontaneous emulsification


Stability of emulsion under shear

Particle ordering in colloidal crystals

Circulating fluidised bed coal gasifiers

Experiments and modeling of coal gasification kinetics

Perturbation Methods in Chemical Engineering

Ammonia & Nitrate removal from water

Theromdynamics of the liquid state

Cracking of dry river beds

Thermal fluctuations of vesicles

Spontaneous emulsification

Technological applications of superhydrophobic coatings - Needs and challenges

Pressure drop and Pressure fluctuation analysis in Spouted bed columns

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