latest mini projects in electrical engineering 2013

(Electrical & Electronics Engineering,Electrical & Power Engineering,Control Engineering)

Device Switching through Card System.
Automatic Packing Machine
Pigment Adding System using Image Processing
Adaptive Lighting System for Automobiles
Accident Alertness in Vehicles
Automatic weighing Bridge
Signal Plotter Based on Graphic Led
Boiler Controller
Quality Control System
Maximum Demand Control
Remote RPM Data Logger
RF Based Billing System.
RF Card Based Security Accessing.
Remote Dish Positioning System
Power room monitor with data logger
RS 485 Repeater
RH Controller
Motor Speed control using IR Sensor
Automatic Voice Dialer
Multi-Zone Temperature Monitoring
IR Car Detector for Changing Lanes
Motor position Control
Hack Saw Controller

IR Data AnalyzerWeather Monitoring
Distributed Control System
File Transfer Through GSM
Smart Computing Through SMS
Door Security System
Telephone Line Monitor
I2C Based Security Code Locks
UPS Monitoring System
Cryptography using Microcontroller
Transformer protection system
Phone Book Dialer
Wireless Water Level Controller
Fuel Gas Detection Robot In Remote
I2C Based Storage Oscilloscope
Dish Positioning using Wiper Motor
PLC based motor protection system
Servo Motor Speed Controller with Feedback
Tilt Measurement Using Microcontroller
EPROM Programmer
ECG Picture Messaging
Wireless Voting Machine
Chemical Titration
Weather Monitor
Rescue Indicator
GSM Based Security System
RF Based House Security System
Industrial monitor.
I2C Based Sequential Logic System
Remote Mouse Controlled Automation
PIR GSM based Home Security System
Digital Code Locking System

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