Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topics 2017

Design for Additive Manufacturing: Challenges & Research Opportunities

Sensing and Searching for Information Under Pressure

Electronic Traps for Mechanical Waves: A framework for piezo-enabled tunability of elastic waves

Generative Design Research at Autodesk

Quasi-static Mechanics and Wave Propagation in Multistable Architected Materials

Taking Aerospace Engineering to New Heights with the Power of Data

Space Debris Propagation, Prediction, and Removal

The effect of pressure gradients on the turbulence in boundary layers

A manifold based generic reduced order multiscale modelling of complex materials

Lubricating grease flow: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach

Modeling of Flow Patterns of Impurity Aerosol due to Disruption in a Fusion Reactor

Diffusive Dynamics on Paper Matrix

Cavitation induced fracture in brittle metallic glasses

Thermal and optoelectronic properties of semiconductors and metals from atomistic simulations

Thermal and Thermoelectric Transport in Low Dimensional Materials

Squishing & Skipping: The Water Impact of Deformable Spheres

Coupling between Geometry and Mechanics in Locomotion and Embryogenesis

Generative Design Research at Autodesk

Constitutive Characterization of An Anisotropic and Asymmetric Alloy Sheet

Characterization and Modelling of Sheared Edge Failure in Advanced High Strength Steel

Robust Safety-Critical Control of Dynamic Robot Systems

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