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Engineers World Online is the only website in the world providing Seminar Topics for more than hundred branches of Engineering. Latest Seminar Topics 2021, Best Seminar Topics in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015 For Electronics ,Computer, Mechanical,Electrical and Civil Engineering and 2019 Latest Seminar Topics for 111 Engineering Branches in 203 countries across the globe included here. Our Seminar desk is giving all the latest updates for current academic year. We are now in search of seminar topics for new Engineering Branches in 2019

Seminar Topics Engineering

Seminar topics for all Engineering branches with largest collection of seminar ppt,pdf free download for Engineering Students



Seminar Topics for Electrical & Electronics Engineering 
EEE is concerned with the production of electrical and electronic equipments and transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power. Latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf have been given here.
Seminar Topics for Electronics & Communication Engineering
ECE covers areas like solid state devices, network theory, communication engineering, linear integrated circuits, digital electronics, optical communication etc .Latest seminar topics with abstract, ppt,pdf for Electronics Engineering have been given here. 
Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering seminars are having great demand since it one of the most popular branch of engineering that involves research, design, production and testing of tools ,engines, machines and other mechanical devices. Latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf for Mechanical Engineering Students have been given here.
Seminar Topics for Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering deals with the planning, design, construction and maintenance of buildings, roads, dams, bridges, airports etc. Water supply, sewage systems, flood control etc. are other vital areas. Latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf for Civil Engineering have been given here.
Seminar Topics for Computer Science Engineering
CSE is concerned with the study of computer hardware, software and communication, design and development of computers and computer based systems. Latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf for Computer Engineering Students have been given here.
Seminar Topics for Information Technology
Information technology may be defined as the convergence of computer, information, intelligence, communication and technical administration. IT experts play a key role in selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organization. Our database have latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt relating to IT field.

Seminar Topics for Automobile Engineering
Automobile Engineering involves the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of automobiles and spare parts. Latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf for AutomobileStudents for 2019-20 academic year have been given here.
Seminar Topics for Aeronautical Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering involves the study of applying engineering principles and techniques to the design,construction,operation and maintenance of commercial and military aircrafts,space ships and missiles.Aeronautical Engineering students can download latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf from here.
Seminar Topics for Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering involves the application of biology, electronics and other engineering subjects in medicine. Latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf for Biomedical Engineering Students have been given here.
Seminar Topics for Biotechnology Engineering
Biotechnology involves any technological application that uses biological systems,living organisms or derivatives there of to make or modify products or processes for specific use. Latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf for Biotechnology Students have been given here.
Seminar Topics for Chemical Engineering
Latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf for Chemical Engineering Students have been given here.We know that Chemical Engineering involves the application of Chemistry and Engineering for the production of chemicals and other products.
Seminar Topics for Mechatronics Engineering
Mechatronics involves the combination of mechanics,electronics,computing and control engineering for the generation of simpler,economical,reliable and versatile systems. Latest seminar topics with abstract,ppt,pdf for Mechatronics Students have been given here.

Seminar Topics for Energy Science & Engineering
Energy Science & Engineering seminar topics has been designed for the energy sector with relevant inputs from mechanical engineering (e.g. thermodynamics, thermal engineering----), electrical engineering (e.g. power electronics, electrical machines) and chemical engineering (e.g. transport processes).Abstract,ppt & presentation for 2019 given here will be helpful for students doing Dual Degree( plus in ESE- Energy Science & Engineering and as Energy related seminar in all other Engineering Branches.

Seminar Topics for M.TECH - Master of Technology , ME - Master of Engineering
Seminar Topics for Post Graduate Engineering Students doing Masters ( / M.E) in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Computer, Biomedical, Chemical Engineering, M.Tech-Environmental Engineering, M.Tech-Structural Engineering & Construction Management, M.Tech-Hydraulics Engineering, Transportation Engineering, M.Tech-Geoinformatics, M.Tech - Electrical Machines ,  M.Tech - Power Systems, M.Tech - Control Systems, M.Tech - Guidance and Navigational Control, M.Tech  Industrial Instrumentation and Control, M.Tech -Signal Processing, M.Tech -Microwave and TV Engineering, M.Tech -Applied Electronics and Instrumentation, M.Tech -Communication Systems , M.Tech- Communication Engineering, M.Tech -Thermal Engineering ,M.Tech -Propulsion Engineering, M.Tech -Machine Desgin,M.Tech -Industrial Engineering ,M.Tech-Industrial Refrigeration & Cryogenics, M.Tech -Computer Integrated Manufacturing, M.Tech -Material Science & Engineering Seminar, M.Tech -Metallurgical Engineering ,M.Tech -Mining, M.Tech -Geomatics, M.Tech -Geotechnical Seminar Topics with Abstracts 2016.

Seminar Topics for Master of Computer Application
MCA  is concerned with prepare graduate students for productive careers in software industry and academia . Latest seminar topics with abstract, ppt, pdf for Computer Application Students doing MCA & BCA have been given here.

General Tips For Taking Engineering Seminars

1)Try for Latest Seminar of Your branch from Side bar of this website

You can get updates of seminar topics in your branch from side bar of this website.


 2)Search in Google/Yahoo to know more about topics you selected

If you find a new seminar topic of your Engineering branch dont copy full content from our website..(.why?..bcoz same topic may be taken by your friend too)..You can search in google for more updates about the topic you selected..(.why?..bcoz if you googled you can get a better result )


3)Get advice from teacher of another Engineering College about this topics

If you consult teacher in your Engineering collge;including teacher in charge of your seminar marks may decline..(..why?..some students are good for some teachers and vice versa)..You have better to consult teacher of same Engineering branch in your Nieghbouring College..(..why?..itz an issue of prestige for your teacher especially female teachers & they give a better advice about the topic)

4) Slides Should be Interesting

Your slide should be interseting with digrams & pictures promoting your seminar topics.Animation & all reduce your time. Some teachers may also dislike it

 5) Language Should be simple

Try to present seminar in simple language..(..why?..even below average student in your class also get some idea about topics you presented )

 6) Time Mangement

You should complete your seminar presentation atleast 40 seconds before your presentation time 


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