Electrical Engineering Questions and Answers

89. A single phase full - wave half controlled bridge converter feeds an inductive load. The two SCRs in the converter are connected to a common DC bus. The converter has to have a free wheeling diode (a) because the converter inherently does not provide for free wheeling (b) Because the converter does not provide for free wheeling for high values of triggering angles (c) Or else the free wheeling action of the converter will cause shorting of the AC supply (d) Or else if a gate pulse to one of the SCRs is missed, it will subsequently cause a high load current in the other SCR

answer (b)

90. What are the three types of basic rotating electric machines?

DC machines, Induction Machines & Synchronous Machines

91. Define torque?

A turning or a twisting force about an axis is called as torque.

92.What is meant by luminance?

It is defined as the luminous per unit projected area of either a surface source of light or a reflecting surface and is denoted by L.

93. Define space-height ratio?

It is defined as the ratio of horizontal distance between adjacent lamps and height of their mountings..

94. Define luminous flux?

It is defined as the total quantity of light energy emitted per second from a luminous body.

95. What material is used in the transformer core?

High grade silicon steel laminations are used for the construction of the core

96. A transformer is said to be.......if it as no losses


97. Inductance offered by the winding due to the leakage flux associated with it is called........

leakage inductance.

98. Define torque angle?

The angle between excitation emf and supply voltage.

99. What is your future plan affter electrical engineering?

answer yourself.

100.What is the PMSM?

In medium and small size synchronous motors, DC field can be produced by permanent magnets. Such kind of motors are called as PMSM


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