M Tech VLSI Projects

(VLSI Projects list with abstract and thesis for 2021 M tech VLSI Final Year Students)

An Optimized CMOS Comparator Design for Analog to Digital Converters

Comparison of single-bit and multi-bit second order sigma-delta modulators

Implementation of a constant-g m CMOS op-amp input stage using overlapping of transition regions

Low Power High Slew-Rate Adaptive Biasing Circuit for CMOS Amplifiers

A Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for a Flash ADC using Oscillation Based Testing Technique

Built-In Self-Test for a Flash Analog to Digital Converter

Design of LASER driver circuit

BIST architecture for Mixed Signal Systems

A Novel Architecture of a CMOS LNA at 2.4GHz

Extremely Low Voltage Rail to Rail Operational Amplifier Design

Design of a low power, high speed MAC unit using custom based approach

A High Speed 512-point FFT Single-Chip Processor Architecture

Designing of an Efficient Power Clock generation circuit for Complementary Pass-transistor Adiabatic

Logic Carry Save Multiplier

Design of low voltage high performance voltage controlled oscillator

Design of a CMOS I/O Buffer circuit

Design of a low voltage high linearity mixer

Curvature Compensated all-CMOS voltage Reference

Low-Voltage, Low-Power, High-Dynamic Range, High Band-Width VGA

Design of a wideband low-phase-noise low power voltage controlled oscillator

Design of Linear adaptive-biased operational amplifier


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