Safety Engineering Seminar Topics

How Fire Protection Engineers use their Skills to Save Lives ?

Why NASA uses Safety engineers in its space program ?

Safety in Electrical Systems

Hazard Identification & HAZOP

Safety in Rail and Road Transport

Safety in Engineering Industry

Risk Assesment & Planning

Safety in Process Industry

Human Factors Engineering

Disaster Management

Advanced Safety Engineering & Management

Insurance Claim Settlement

 Escape Route Layout

Hazardous Area Classification Layout, Hazardous Area Classification Schedule

 P & ID : Fire Water System, Fire Water Deluge System, Foam System

 Fire Fighting and Safety Equipments

 Fire and Gas Detection Philosophy

Fire and Gas Detector Location Layout

Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment Layout

Fire Water Demand Calculation  

HAZOP, HAZID Seminar Report

Safety during installation of plant and equipment

Safe sequences in installation - risk during installation

Safety during testing and commissioning

Test on relays - protection and interlock systems for safety.

classification of hazardous zones

Intrinsically safe and explosion proof electrical apparatus

Electrical fires - hazards of static electricity

Safe procedures for electrical maintenance

Fractures- classification of fractures-principles of immobilisation- sprains and dislocation

Broad and narrow fold bandages-hand bandages-slings.

Burns-rule of nines-pure thermal burns

Safety measures for Electric burns.

Safety measures for Chemical burns.

Safety measures for Radiation burns

Safety measures for Cold burns.

Lifting - casualty handling

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