Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

25. What is jet plane?

An aircraft powerd by jet engine.

26. What is Solder?

It is an allot of tin and lead

27. Who invented the four-stroke engine?

Nikolavs August Otto

28. Who invented Springs?


29. What is a clock maker called?


30. What is a mechanism?

A mechanism is a system of moving parts that changes an input motion and force into a desired output motion and force

31. Will going from 3 tap to 6 tap increases water pressure?


32. Where do railway staem engine carry there water?

In the large tank on the front of the engine.

33. What does angular momentum mean?

Angular momentum is an expression of an objects mass and roatational speed

34. Which country has worlds post powerful tanks?


35. .........lead to overheating and failure of two stroke locomotive engine

white smoke

36. What color are thermal oil piping lines?

Brownish and sorty grey

37. Periscope is mostly used in .........


38. How does hydraulic clutches work?

by usin a non compressible fluid


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