Mechanical Engineering Questions and Answers

13. Explain maximum principal stress theory ( Rankine’s theory)?

This theory states that failure occurs at a point in member where the maximum principal or normal stress in a bi-axial system reaches the maximum strength in a simple tension test.

14. Maximum shear stress theory is also known as .........

Guest’s or Tresca’s theory

15. Explain Hencky and Von Mises theory?

This theory states that failure occurs when strain energy per unit volume reaches the limiting distortion energy.

16. Explain Maximum principal strain theory?

This theory states that failure occurs when bi-axial stress reaches the limiting value of strain.

17. What are Bevel Gears and what are its types?

Bevel gears are the type of gears in which the two shafts happen to intersect. The gear faces which are tooth bearing are conical in shape. They are generally mounted on shafts which are 90 degrees apart but they can be made to work at other angles as well. The bevel gears are classified into Mitre Gear, Angular bevel gears, Crown bevel gears and Internal bevel gears

18. What is the use of Hydraulic Brakes?

It use a fluid medium to push or repel the brake pads for braking.

19. What is your favorite subject in Mechanical engineering?

answer yourself

20. What was your project topic during Mechanical engineering?

explain about project you done

21. What are the software you know?

answer yourself (hint: AutoCAD, Pro-Engineer and one Analysis software like ANSYS.)

22. What is Ferrite?

Magnetic iron rock

23. What is epresentative elementary volume?

Smallest volume over which measurment can be made that will yeild a representative of the whole

24. Why Engineers design LNG pipes curved?

LNG is a condensed gas that can expand pipes


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